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Dental Services

Comprehensive Dental Care

Fallen Tooths

Clear Braces

Did you always desire perfect straight teeth, You can get your dream smile starting today with clear braces, They are comfortable and removable. After consultation with Dr Agarwal a set of photos and impressions are taken to submit for review and treatment planning indicating specific needs of each patient.

Invisalign Consultation

Porcelain Veneers

If you have chipped, discolored, misaligned, or gap in your teeth then porcelain veneers is for you. Porcelain veneers required minimum teeth preparation and they bond to tooth structure creating highly aesthetic results.
Creates beautiful, bright , long lasting smile.

Macro of prosthetic teeth isolated on a white background.jpg

Whitening Treatment

Let world see your beautiful bright smile once again and we are happy to help you with that. Our take home whitening trays and gel are very effective way to keep your teeth white. The results are absolutely amazing.

Braces Check

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns can restore both the function and beauty of damaged, decayed, fractured, root canaled teeth that otherwise cannot be restored with simple fillings prolonging the life of a tooth and maintaining form and function.
If you are missing single and multiple teeth it can be replaced by fixed porcelain  bridge. We do gold, metal . zirconia and emax crowns and bridges.
Book an consultation appointment with our Dr Agarwal.

Composite Fillings & Cosmetic Dental Bonding

It is one of the most common procedure in dentist office to treat any cavity, minor chipped and for some cosmetic work.
its quick and high in demand due to its effectiveness and cost.

Happy Doctor

Night Guards

Do you grind your teeth at night?
Does your jaw muscles hurt in morning when you back up? In today's busy life clenching is becoming common among all ages resulting in severe attrition of teeth if left alone can result in damage of teeth and required expensive reconstruction procedure. At Route 9 Dental we provide customize night guard to protect your teeth.

Tooth Exam

Kids Dentistry

Making sure you are up to date when it comes to oral health of your kids is extremely important. Do you know how many kids have cavities of which parents are unaware. At Route 9 Dental we see kids of all ages. Sealants, fluoride, proper oral hygiene instruction, fillings are some of the most common procedure we do at Route 9 Dental.

Child at the Dentist

Dental Extraction/ Wisdom Tooth

If you have a broken tooth or a wisdom tooth which is giving you pain , we are here to help you. With Dr Agarwal your tooth extraction procedure will be a breeze! she is very gentle and efficient when it comes to pulling out a tooth . You will notice that the pain of your extracted tooth is not as bad as you thought it would be.

Dentist Office

Dental Emergencies

My tooth hurts, its a weekend, what do I do?

It's life, emergencies happen, and they don't always look at your calendar or warn you beforehand. We are open on weekends to take care of your emergency needs with same attention and care that you need. Most of our patients who come for an emergency treatment choose to make us their primary dentist.

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